Salt of the Earth

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Norris City Banner – Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Ridgway News – Thursday, November 13, 2008
Gallatin County Democrat – Thursday, November 13, 2008
Anna Melissa Tribune – Friday, November 21, 2008


Salt of the Earth

Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.” (Matthew 5:13)

Salt is good for three things:  seasoning, healing, and the creation of thirst.

Salt is a delicious seasoning, just as biblical Christians are the spice of life.  They love deeper, work harder, cry better, laugh longer, forgive quicker, sleep sounder, and wake up happier.  They offend less, sing more, fast regularly, feast often, praise daily, and pray continually.  Biblical Christians make the most loving spouses, the most diligent employees, the most successful parents, and the most honorable children.  Do you live your life according to Scripture?  How salty are you?

Salt is good for healing.  Thousands of years before we had rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, people would put salt into wounds to disinfect them, cleanse them, and bring about healing.  But boy does it sting!  Biblical Christians are like this.  Just like ancient physicians would lovingly pour salt into an infected wound, a biblical Christian pours Scripture into a sinful situation.  He does not keep quiet and let the sin fester, causing even greater damage.  Instead, he confronts sinners with their sin, showing them how their actions compare with God’s commands in the Bible.  And it certainly does sting!  But if the person listens, and repents of the sin, then the spiritual wound can finally begin to heal.  Do you confront yourself with your own sin?  Do you confront others with their sin?  Do you apply Scripture to bring about repentance, in order to bring healing?  How salty are you?

Salt creates thirst.  If you eat some salty food, it won’t be long before you are seeking a glass of thirst-quenching water.  Likewise, biblical Christians create thirst for Christ.  When people are around truly biblical Christians, it isn’t long before some of them will be seeking the Living Water.  When people see you living in true joy, peace, forgiveness, holiness, and love, they will want to know how they can experience the same thing.  Then you can point them to your savior, Jesus, who is the source of your peace.  Do others thirst after Christ because they know you?  How salty are you?

Jesus also said it is possible for salt to lose its flavor.  Ancient Israel did not use the same sort of “table salt” that we use today.  It was actually a mixture of various substances.  Some of those substances were salts, and some had no flavor.  As long as the mixture was truly salty, it was good for seasoning, healing, and the creation of thirst.  But if the salts leeched out of the mixture, then what was left behind was flavorless and worthless.  Jesus said it was “good for nothing”.

Sadly, many Christians have lost their saltiness.  Instead of being holy, they act just like the world.  They watch the same shows, laugh at the same jokes, have the same friends, and practice the same immorality.  They no longer season the world by being like Jesus.  They no longer cause a sting to the sinfulness of their family and friends.  They do not bring healing according to the Word of God.  And they do not create a thirst for Christ, because they are nothing like Christ.

Christians who do not act like Christ are just as worthless as salt that isn’t salty.

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit is able to make us salty again!  All we have to do is repent, and truly live our lives according to the Bible.  Ask Jesus to forgive you.  Obey Jesus as Lord in every area of your life.  You can again be the “salt of the earth”.

How salty are you?

~ Joseph M. Gleason

About Fr Joseph Gleason

I serve as a priest at Christ the King Orthodox Mission in Omaha, Illinois, and am blessed with eight children and one lovely wife. I contribute to On Behalf of All, a simple blog about Orthodox Christianity. I also blog here at The Orthodox Life.
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