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Scripture is Interpreted by the Church

“Since the canon of Scripture is complete, and sufficient of itself for everything, and more than sufficient, what need is there to join with it the authority of the Church’s interpretation? For this reason,—because, owing to the depth of Holy … Continue reading

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Interpreting Scripture with Humility

One elder passed seventy weeks in fasting, eating food only twice a week, as he begged the Lord to reveal to him the meaning of a passage in Holy Scripture. But God would not reveal it to him. Seeing this, … Continue reading

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St. Gregory on Monarchy

“The three most ancient opinions concerning God are Anarchia, Polyarchia, and Monarchia. The first two are the sport of the children of Hellas, and may they continue to be so. For Anarchy is a thing without order; and the Rule … Continue reading

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Church Mice

“We Orthodox, particularly those of us who are Western converts,” Bishop Kallistos said, “are often in danger of becoming church mice. We just live inside the church and nibble at the crumbs in the church, but we don’t look outside … Continue reading

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See No Evil

“Speaking about good images and good memories, I am really concerned about the images children get exposed to through the mass media,” Marina interrupted. “I see the results in my practice.” “It is disastrous,” Father Maximos agreed. “Children should be … Continue reading

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Sacred Space

Kyriacos Markides mentions a discussion he had with two colleagues and friends in Maine: After an evening talk on Eastern Orthodoxy at the Orono Methodist Church, the organizers and I walked to the local pub to continue our discussion related … Continue reading

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Father Maximos told us another story in his usual casual manner. “During the first year I was a monk on Mount Athos, there was some kind of a misunderstanding between a young hieromonk and his elder. The young hieromonk was … Continue reading

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Still a Pepper

Father Maximos tells a story related to the life of an elder known as Abba Isaiah, the spiritual guide to a group of monks: “One of his disciples had difficulties relating to the other monks. He was irritable, constantly grumbling … Continue reading

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Why Did I Come Here?

Dr. Constantine Cavarnos had a conversation with a hermit on Mount Athos: “Why did I come here? You will ask me,” said the hermit, whose name was John. “For the sake of eternity. Our life here on earth, whether we … Continue reading

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