Saint Alexander Nevsky

Alexander Nevsky

Starring: Svetlana Bakulina, Igor Botvin — Runtime: 1 hour 48 minutes

This is a movie worth seeing!

It has good acting, action-packed battle scenes, and characters who are unashamed of the Orthodox Christian Faith. This film is currently available on for only five dollars. The movie is introduced thus:

Forged in war, cast in heaven; the legend will live forever. Both a ruthless warlord and a canonized saint, the legend of Prince Alexander, the Warrior Saint, is an incredible tale of strength, courage and military genius.

The dialogue is all in Russian, but a version of the movie is available which has English overdubbing.

Here are today’s readings from the Prologue of Ohrid, regarding St. Alexander Nevsky:

A knight of Christ, St. Alexander,
A prince of the people and servant of the Lord-
Ruler on earth and slave of the Almighty-
This was the life of Nevsky.

On the outside opulence, on the inside weeping;
On the outside struggle, on the inside serenity;
On the outside illusion, on the inside truth.

Christ was the prize of this hero,
Both in war and deceptive peace.
In torment, Christ was his joy,
In suffering, Christ was his assurance,
In victory, Christ was the victor,
And in death, Christ was his Resurrector!
To him, in both worlds, all was Christ!
He was the end; He was the living goal.

The pious prince was an exemplar to his people,
Of how one should serve the Lord.
O holy Prince, help us also,
By your brilliant power, by your holy prayers!


Alexander was the son of Prince Yaroslav. From childhood, his heart was directed to God. He defeated the Swedes on the river Neva on July 15, 1240, for which he received the appellation “Nevsky” [“of the Neva”]. On that occasion, Saints Boris and Gleb appeared to one of Alexander’s commanders and promised their help to the great prince, who was their kinsman. Once, among the Golden Horde of the Tartars, he refused to bow down to idols or to pass through fire. Because of his wisdom, physical strength and beauty, even the Tartar Khan respected him. He built many churches and performed countless works of mercy. He entered into rest on November 14, 1263 at the age of forty-three. On this day, November 23, the translation of his relics to the town of Vladimir is commemorated.

~ The Prologue of Ohrid – November 23


St. Alexander, pray for us!

St. Alexander, pray for us!

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