Securing the Lives of our Children

St. Euphrosyne

St. Euphrosyne

Consider the following reflection offered by St. Nicholai Velimirovic:

In our day, you usually hear these words from parents: “We want to secure the life of our child.” That is why they work very hard to amass wealth–often unjustly–to educate their child in the calling that brings the greatest physical security and material benefit. And this is done by so-called Christians! They do this because their concept of real life and the real security of life is erroneous.

Here is how a true Christian mother prepares her son for real life:

At the time of her death, Blessed Euphrosyne spoke to her son, Clement of Ancyra:

“Do me the honor, O my son, and bravely stand up for Christ and confess Him firmly and without hesitation! In my heart I hope that the crown of martyrdom will soon blossom on you, in my honor and for the salvation of many. Do not be afraid of threats, or swords, or pains, or wounds, or fire. Let nothing separate you from Christ, but look up to heaven–and from there you can expect your great, eternal and rich reward from God. Fear God’s majesty; be afraid of His awesome judgment; tremble at His all-seeing Eye; for all those who deny Him will receive the punishment of unquenchable fire and the eternally vigilant worm. Let this be my reward from you, my sweet son–for my pain in childbearing and my effort concerning your education–that I may be called the mother of a martyr. Do not spare the blood that you received from me, but shed it, that from this I may also receive honor. Submit your body to torture, that I too may rejoice at this before our Lord–as though I myself had suffered for Him.”

~ As told by St. Nicholai Velimirovic in The Prologue of Ohrid, January 24.

About Fr Joseph Gleason

I serve as a priest at Christ the King Orthodox Mission in Omaha, Illinois, and am blessed with eight children and one lovely wife. I contribute to On Behalf of All, a simple blog about Orthodox Christianity. I also blog here at The Orthodox Life.
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