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Pious Kings and Right-Believing Queens

Finally, let us discuss briefly the nature of monarchical rule. The throne of a Christian Emperor, King, or ruling Prince, is not an earthly contrivance but is of a much higher order. It is ordained and blessed by God and belongs to … Continue reading

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Put a Fire in it

Celebrate a beautiful liturgy, while neglecting the preaching of the Word, and your soul will eventually freeze to death. Focus entirely on preaching, while forgetting about the liturgy, and your soul may burn to a crisp. The Devil just wants you to … Continue reading

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Orthodoxy Puts Scripture First

The great Saints of the Orthodox Church believed that the Scriptures are very clear, and that much of what they say can be clearly understood simply by reading them. They frequently relied directly on the text of Scripture, and they … Continue reading

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Western Rite Orthodoxy – A Brief Timeline

Western Liturgical forms set by 6th century and codified by Pope St. Gregory the Great (Diologus) (+604) c.860 AD Ss. Cyril & Methodius arrive in Moravia and begin their mission using a Western Liturgy there. 985 Western Rite Benedictine Monastery … Continue reading

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The Ancient English Church

Imagine a thriving, growing, vibrant church that excels in holiness, is saturated with Scripture, bears the fruit of good works, and lives in complete freedom from papal tyranny. At what point in history could such a church be found in … Continue reading

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The Council of Orange Contradicts Calvinism

It is amazing how frequently Calvinists pretend friendship with the Council of Orange.  Well-known apologists such as John Calvin, John Hendryx, Dr. C. Matthew McMahon, Dr. R. Scott Clark, continue to sing the praises of this Council. I wonder how many Calvinists … Continue reading

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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

MP3 Audio:  WS330301_Dn-Joseph_Wolves-in-Sheeps-Clothing.mp3 This homily was preached on Sunday morning, August 25, 2013, at Christ the King Orthodox Church in Omaha, Illinois, by Dn. Joseph Gleason. ~ Gospel Reading:  Matthew 7:15-21 Christ has taught us to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. … Continue reading

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Rejecting Nicea

The Ecumenical Councils condemned specific doctrines, not merely denominations. In the year 325 A.D., the First Ecumenical Council was convened in the city of Nicea. In an effort to accurately articulate the doctrine of the Trinity, the first draft of the Nicene … Continue reading

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Log Cabin Orthodoxy

In the Old Testament, when God set out to settle the Promised Land, He lived in a tent before He lived in a temple. The Tabernacle in the wilderness preceded Solomon’s Temple by several hundred years. When God set out to settle America, He … Continue reading

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The Holy Anger of St. Nicholas

In the year 325, Emperor Constantine convened the Council of Nicaea, the very first ecumenical council. More than 300 bishops came from all over the Christian world to debate the nature of the Holy Trinity. Arius, from Egypt, was teaching … Continue reading

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