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Icons Conquer Idols

Do not think about a golden calf. Whatever you do, do not think about a golden calf. Stop thinking about golden calves. What are you thinking about right now? It is impossible to drive away unwanted thoughts by focusing on … Continue reading

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The Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated by Orthodox Christians on Dec. 8 in the Western Rite, and on Dec. 9 in the Eastern Rite. We thank God for the day when Mary began her life on earth. For … Continue reading

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It’s Who I Am

How many in here have heard of a famous singer named Jessica Andrews? A few years back she had a big song playing on the radio called “Who I Am.” The chorus of it goes, I am Rosemary’s granddaughter, the spitting image … Continue reading

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When Jesus Was a Kid

Sermon Text:  Luke 2:41-52 I love the humanity and the earthiness of the Bible. You look at the holy books that are used in other religions. You will see poetry. You will see moral teachings. You will see wise sayings. … Continue reading

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Tearing Up Pictures of Themselves

  This sermon was preached on Sunday morning, November 11, 2012, at Christ the King Orthodox Church in Omaha, Illinois, by Dn. Joseph Gleason. Transcribed and Edited by Maria Powell of Dormition Text Services. The first cut wasn’t the deepest. … Continue reading

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Bowing Down to a Faceless Idol

Before the Incarnation, it was idolatrous to make an image of God. Now that the Incarnation has taken place, it would be idolatrous not to make images of Him. When a religion rejects images of God, it sends the message that God is … Continue reading

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How Children’s Drawings Make Sense of Suffering

First published on the Yahoo! Contributor Network: We are all like children learning to draw, perplexed by the shadows. We start off with simple shapes and colors, thinking that we actually draw the world as we see it. But … Continue reading

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From John Calvin to Stephen King

Stephen King’s novels are famous for their explicit gore.  Monsters, murders, rapes, and vengeance are all described in picturesque terms, with an alarming level of alacrity. In this sense, the Bible is similar to a Stephen King novel.  A cursory … Continue reading

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What is Theosis?

Theosis is man’s union with God, wherein we participate in the uncreated energies of the Trinity.  We do not become what God is in his essence, but we are invited to participate in his energies. This is the purpose and goal … Continue reading

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An Overview of the Iconoclastic Controversy

The imperial leader of the initial iconoclastic outbreak was the Roman (Byzantine) Emperor, Leo III, who put forth a series of official decrees in opposition to icons.  Officially, it was in the year 726 that “Leo III introduced iconoclasm” (Andrew … Continue reading

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