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Orthodoxy Puts Scripture First

The great Saints of the Orthodox Church believed that the Scriptures are very clear, and that much of what they say can be clearly understood simply by reading them. They frequently relied directly on the text of Scripture, and they … Continue reading

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Sola Scriptura Fails the Test

A fellow by the name of C. Michael Patton wrote an article “In Defense of Sola Scriptura“. On pages 19-22, the author admits that Protestants merely have a “fallible collection of infallible books”. He admits that Protestants cannot be certain that … Continue reading

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A Calvinist Anglican Converts to Orthodoxy

Mark Bradshaw, with Conversations On Orthodoxy, recently interviewed me regarding my conversion to the Orthodox Christian Faith. An audio recording of the interview is available online. Here is a transcript of the interview: Mark Bradshaw: Welcome to another Conversation on Orthodoxy. Deacon … Continue reading

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Preaching Without a Bible

Imagine that you are a preacher.  God himself has called you to be a preacher, and He has put many people under your care.  It is your job to teach them the “three Gs” . . . 1) Who is … Continue reading

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The Pillar and Foundation of the Truth

A large family lived on a small farm, complete with workhorses, milk cows, pigs, chickens, and a large family garden.  They had a two-story Victorian home, a gravel driveway, and a large wood-slat front porch surrounded with a multitude of … Continue reading

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Septuagint vs. Masoretic Text

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Dissin’ Sola Scriptura

The Lord says He wants unity and no schism in His Church, yet each “church” contradicts the others about doctrines and faith and works; If I spent my life researching interpretations, I know I’d lose all hope, Because with over … Continue reading

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Hapax Legomena and Ostriches

Why Seventh-Day Adventists are Unable to Rely on Scripture Alone . . . Several of my dearest family members are Seventh-day Adventists (SDA).  They love me, and I love them.  I myself am not SDA — I belong to the … Continue reading

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The Insufficiency of Scripture

Nobody believes in the sufficiency of Scripture. Not even Protestants. Ask a Protestant whether a person can be a faithful Christian, if all he does is stay home and read the Bible. He never prays, never attends church, never listens … Continue reading

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