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Willing To Be a Servant

mp3 Audio: 2015_04_09-Fr_Joseph-Willing_to_be_a_Servant.mp3 This sermon was preached by Father Joseph Gleason on Maundy Thursday, April 9, 2015 at Christ the King Orthodox Church in Omaha, Illinois. Transcribed by Maria Powell of Dormition Text Services. Gospel Reading: Luke 23:1-48 In the name … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Respond to Correction

Most people don’t like being told they are wrong. Most people don’t want to receive a rebuke. Offer reproof to the average person, and that person will think you are being “mean”. Thankfully, not everyone is average. Some people want to have their … Continue reading

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The Meekness of a Spiritual Father

St. Gregory the Great says that a spiritual father should be gentle and meek. If he reproves a person who unintentionally sinned, this is especially true. If a person has malice, and has sinned willfully, that is a different story. But if a … Continue reading

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Color Blindness

Imagine a family of people who are color-blind. A tragic plague wipes out the rest of the human race. Over centuries, this one family repopulates the globe. The universal experience of all people on earth is to see green and … Continue reading

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Seeking the Salvation of my Neighbor

“We cannot be saved by seeking just our own individual salvation; we need to look first to the good of others. In warfare, the soldier who takes to flight to save his own skin brings disaster on himself as well … Continue reading

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A Spiritual Pharmacy

Father, are the teachings of the Saints to be strictly followed? Luke, you have known me for many years. What have I taught in the past? Father, I have always been very grateful for your firm teaching. Without wavering, you … Continue reading

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Unequal Judgment

As we saw in a recent article, God is no fan of equality. He rewards people differently, in different ways, in different amounts. And if we truly love our brother, this is a cause for rejoicing. This surprises some people. People … Continue reading

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Ungodly Equality

A person works on your property for an hour, and you pay him $100 for one hour of work. Another person works the same job for you, all day, putting in ten hours of hard labor. You pay him $10/hour for his work.  … Continue reading

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Pride Speaks

I once caught this mad imposter (pride) as it was rising in my heart, bearing on its shoulders its mother, vainglory. Roping them with the noose of obedience and thrashing them with the whip of humility, I demanded how they … Continue reading

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Lighten Our Darkness

But when the Holy Spirit dwells in the heart of a person, He shows him all his inner poverty and weakness, and the corruption of his heart and soul, and his separation from God; and with all his virtues and … Continue reading

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