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The Sin of Charging Interest

Imagine a man who repents of lying, stealing, and gluttony.  He confesses his sins, and goes to great efforts to stop practicing these sins. Meanwhile, he commits adultery repeatedly. But he never bothers to repent, because it never occurs to … Continue reading

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A Bucket of Rocks

A master forced two of his slaves to carry large buckets, loaded down with rocks, gravel, and sand. The farther the slaves walked, the harder and harder it was for them to carry such heavy burdens. Along the way, these … Continue reading

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Ungodly Equality

A person works on your property for an hour, and you pay him $100 for one hour of work. Another person works the same job for you, all day, putting in ten hours of hard labor. You pay him $10/hour for his work.  … Continue reading

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Serfs, Peasants, & Employees

G.K. Chesterton wrote this article about Englishmen a century ago. But it just as easily applies to American workers today. Medieval serfs and peasants enjoyed conditions which–in many ways–are preferable to those endured by modern American employees. ~ It is really time that the … Continue reading

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Testing Our Priorities

“Why do I have so little money?” “Why do I have so little time?” “Why do I have such limited resources?” We have all faced questions like this at one time or another. We have good intentions. We have noble plans. … Continue reading

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Belloc on Usury

Usury, the last subject but one on which I am going to touch in this book, is one which modern people have almost entirely forgotten, and which you will not find mentioned in any book on Economics that I know. … Continue reading

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Condemning Usury

We live in an age of “rampant, tolerated usury”, involving a “widespread acceptance of legally permitted activities that cause spiritual, emotional, and physical harm” (Jesep, Credit Card Usury and the Christian Failure to Stop It, p. 26). As the author of … Continue reading

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Wealth is a Mask for the Poor

St. John Chrysostom discusses the rich man and Lazarus. The rich man lived his life in comfort, and Lazarus had been a poor beggar at the rich man’s gate. After death, Lazarus was comforted in paradise, while the rich man … Continue reading

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Poverty and Wealth Defined

St. John Chrysostom tells us the true definition of poverty and wealth: Let us learn from this man not to call the rich lucky nor the poor unfortunate. Rather, if we are to tell the truth, the rich man is … Continue reading

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The Banker’s Witching Hour

Double, double, toil and trouble; Compound-interest, mortgage bubble. Most anything a man can get By patient labor, toil, and sweat, The witches can acquire as well, Labor-free, by power of hell. Their magic works in dark of night To make … Continue reading

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