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Orthodox Patriarchs on the Filioque

In 1848, Pope Pius IX wrote an Epistle to the Easterns, calling for the Orthodox Church to reunify with Rome.  The same year, the Orthodox Church responded with the Encyclical of the Eastern Patriarchs. This letter was signed by the Patriarch … Continue reading

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A Calvinist Anglican Converts to Orthodoxy

Mark Bradshaw, with Conversations On Orthodoxy, recently interviewed me regarding my conversion to the Orthodox Christian Faith. An audio recording of the interview is available online. Here is a transcript of the interview: Mark Bradshaw: Welcome to another Conversation on Orthodoxy. Deacon … Continue reading

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When Rome had Forsaken the Orthodox Church

In the earliest centuries of the Church, there was no “Greek East” and “Latin West”, nor was there anyone who could have conceived of a “Byzantine Empire” in opposition to the “Roman Empire”. In the first century, the Apostle Paul’s … Continue reading

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