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The Baptism of Naaman

The Old Testament Scriptures are soaked with the waters of baptism. From the Creation, to the Flood, to the rescue of baby Moses, to the Exodus of the Israelites, Scripture plunges us into the theme of baptism again and again. Naaman … Continue reading

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Creation – Foreshadowing Baptism

“Consider, however, how ancient is the mystery [of baptism] prefigured even in the origin of the world itself. In the very beginning, when God made the heaven and the earth, “the Spirit,” it is said, “moved upon the waters.” He … Continue reading

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Remember Your Baptism!

Sermon Text: Colossians 3 Well, like most–all of you, actually–I’m a convert to Orthodoxy from Protestantism. And in the flavor in which I was raised, we had a saying that most of the sacraments are this way: that baptism is … Continue reading

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